• Karen Lott

Sprout Eden says no to single use plastic water bottles

Who would have guessed we would receive such an overwhelming response to this simple little decision? Within a week of posting this on our Facebook page the insights showed it had an organic reach of 13.7K ! It was shared 118 times and liked, loved or funny faced 285 times. We are absolutely thrilled to know this has hit such a strong note in both the local and wider community!

Refillable glass water bottles
Refillable glass water bottles

Our little cafe has always been committed to treading lightly on the earth whenever possible. We installed solar energy on the roof. We recycle cardboard, plastics and glass. Our coffee grinds go to local gardens to help improve their soil and our food scraps go to our own chickens. We have never purchased plastic carrier bags and we stopped providing plastic straws a while ago.

This new move was a natural further progression, but first, we needed to source a reliable supply of inexpensive glass ones. We have a good relationship with Kuvings, who provide our slow juicer, and they were keen to get on board.

We may not sell very many but making a profit through selling them isn’t actually the aim. We understand glass bottles may be impractical for some people. However, if it encourages them to purchase any sort of reusable bottle and stop resorting to single-use plastic ones, we will have achieved our goal!