• Karen Lott

Totally Locally

Did you know that if every adult in Eden spent just $10 per week in a local independent shop (instead of online, out of the area, or in a big supermarket) it would be worth an extra $1.2 million per year going into the local economy?

Totally Locally is a marketing campaign that is a celebration of independent shops and businesses in the town.  It encourages people to support local producers, who in turn support other local producers, and so on.  This fun little video from the Totally Locally team shows how $10 (or £10, in this case) stays within the local economy.


This initiative will support our local monthly Cash Mob, and we will be working closely with Tracey Campbell, who has been successfully running Cash Mob in Eden since November 2015. By building on the strength of what Tracey has already created, we hope to bring an even greater awareness to our community of just how little it takes to make a big impact.

We are looking for local businesses to join the Totally Locally campaign.  If you are interested, come along to an information session in the cafe on Tuesday 11 June at 8am.  You can also check out www.totallylocally.org.